Greenfield Architecture

If you are developing a new product or starting a new project, we can help to architect a scalable platform that will enable you to go to market quickly. Our team learns about your project in order to develop a fully automated release pipeline with distinct environments. From code commit to production, we will devise a plan that includes tooling and vendor recommendations, and implement a solution for your team, taking into account your growth targets and budget.

Developer Tooling and Support

To enable your developers to focus on features, our engineers will look at your formal and informal processes in order to propose new tools and workflows that will free up your developers' time. We can implement complete development environments, and the ability to build new environments on demand - reducing your onboarding and recovery times from days to minutes.

Infrastructure Provisioning Automation

One of our core specialities lies in full infrastructure automation. In complex cloud environments, manual orchestration and management quickly becomes unwieldy and error-prone. We implement efficient, simple, maintainable automation for your entire infrastructure suite that improves reliability and facilitates collaboration and auditibility.

Vendor Migrations

Outgrown your current infrastructure provider? Our team can review your platform, recommend alternate vendors and assist with migrating to a new provider with minimal downtime. At the same time, we will work to minimise vendor lock-in so that you are not bound to your infrastructure vendor.

Hallmarks of Engagement

  • We develop a roadmap to address organizational requirements
  • We grow and scale your infrastructure
  • We identify and implement improvements to your existing setup
  • We develop an operations plan based on your preferred technologies and unique functional needs.
  • We improve engineer capacity and focus on planned work.
  • We minimize lock-in by committing to open communication and collaborative decision making with your teams.
  • We maintain and manage your infrastructure on an on-going basis as an extension of your team.
  • We improve engineer capacity and focus on planned work.